La Provincia – 20/09/15

From the interview to Professor Roberto Porroni:

Professor Porroni, one of the most important events of the festival is for sure the one performed in the church in Maggio (Lecco,Italy), with a concert by the duo Polona Tominec (accordion) and Giovanna Gatto (piano), who won the X International Chamber Music Competition Enrica Cremonesi.
The two musicians showed, through a performance focused on the details, the great knowledge of the instrument, the research of an accurate sound, the great ability to listen, that they deserved the prize.
They also made us discover rare and unexpected pages by Mendelssohn (Lieder ohne Worte op.30, in the hystorical arrangement for Physarmonica and piano) and César Franck (Prelude, fugue, variation for harmonium and piano in B minor Op.18).
They also showed, that the accordion is not only an instrument for dance hall, for village festival or … “world championships” (the competition that rewards acrobatics and circus virtuosity).
Professor Porroni:
The Prize Enrica Cremonesi is an appointment I care a lot, both in terms of affection, because it takes its name from memory of my mother, and because it represents a specific way, together with the memorial fund established in 2010 by the Province of Lecco Foundation, to help young musicians.
An award that, in ten years, has grown a lot, involving young people from different countries of the world.
This year we awarded two young talents, the Slovenian accordionist Polona Tominec and the Italian pianist Giovanna Gatto, on which we can focus on a bright musical future.
Roberto Zambonini

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