Burja, Komen – 13/02/15

…”the whole audience attending at the event, even the children, has listened to the concert of classic music, receiving such a great emotional intensity that I couldn’t believe my eyes.
At the end of the concert I have remarked to the audience that the girl [Ed. Polona Tominec] has clear ideas, she is recognized abroad, but she leaves a sign even on her own territory.
She spreads an artistic expression unusual in our region, together with a welcoming message for the originality.
That is a proper source of wealth… Polona, I hope that could represent for you both, a motivation for the future, even in the most complicated moments.
The Professor Milos Mozetic attended the concert. He’s a musician and a teacher of strong depth and sensitiveness, able to discover musicians and make them growing not only for their talent, but developing their soul and passion for the instrument.
In this direction, as the conductor of the concert and teacher, I suggest:
do not teach your students and do not make them growing in an exclusively competitive environment, but in a spirit of availability, comprehension, solidarity, without prejudices or under valuations, because the talents will be revealed by themselves.”

Ana Godnik

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