L’EST Républican – 15/05/16

Edition Belfort-Héricourt-Montbéliard | Belfort

Swiss duo for an original repertoire at FIMU Festival 2016

Thirty minutes before the concert, the queue is getting longer and longer in front of the St. Christopher’s Cathedral. As soon as the doors opened, the music lovers occupied all the available place facing the choir and the bays aside. Some even seat behind the large pillars of the building. Surely, they don’t want to miss the only performance of the duo 88 Keys for Two.


This original duo performs music written specifically for this ensemble and compositions arranged for accordion and piano. Their repertoire seems borrowed from film soundtracks to great spectacle, the music dramas and other romances.
Eclecticism, the choice of repertoire and the quality of the execution have earned the duo 88 Keys for Two, to be rewarded in the VIII chamber music competition in Svirel at Stanjel (Slovenia). The group also won the first prize of the X International Chamber Music Competition Enrica Cremonesi in Milan. They were also selected by the Hochschule der Künste Bern (CH) to perform at the Chamber Music Excellence concert in Berner Generationenhaus.


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